Friday, August 8, 2008

The Road to Legend hits another snagg

I was all set for Descent last night, but a few of the guys dropped out. Other commitments and communication problems abound.

In the end it was just myself and Romeo and rather than call it off we pulled out a bunch of two player games to fill the void.

First up was Battleline, I love this game but I am crap at it. I lost two games to Romeo.
Next up was Battlelore, armed with my newly painted heacy infantry I managed to win both games. We played scanrio 5 which introduces lore to the mix. Romeo has the game but has never used lore so was quite keen to give it a go. I enjoy Battlelore, its a great game nad my recent online exploits have helped me out with a few tactics.

To round off the evening we played Jambo, a new game to Romeo and one that I have forgotten about. Its a nice card game that plays like a CCG but without being collectable. I lost after handing over a card that allows the player to buy and sell at a better price. Doh!

I have noticed that has teh new WOW: The Adventure Game for £17.99 and i'm tempted. I love my Runebound but find it a bit long and this looks like a shorter and a more interactive game. Will have to see how the month goes.

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