Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More Wonders

7 Wonders is my hot game at the moment. We had a mini meet again last week and managed to fit in 3 plays of it. This time around I tried a few different strategies.

I always made sure I would be able to make the third part of my wonder. A mistake that caught us out the first time we played.
In the first game I tried to build every military card I could, and if not use it to build my wonder. This managed to score me the full 18 military points.
On the second game I tried to build as many green science cards as I could. This worked well, but I had no access to paper so couldn't build any of the tablet cards. This hindered my final scoring.
The third game I screwed up by not building enough resource cards. I managed to finish my wonder off very quickly but didn't manage much after that other than a few blue cards.

It was interesting that in each of the 3 games different people won with different strategies. I really think you need to score the highest in a minimum of 2 categories to win the game. Keeping an eye on resources available and what other people are doing is also very important. This gets a bit tricky with more players, don't ignore the people you can't trade with.
Coins seem to produce the least vistory points, but nobody has really played a coin producing strategy yet. Maybe something I will try next week.
Military is very good, getting 18 points is definately a good strategy but winning a fight in the third age can wipe out any negative score you have picked up earlier in the game.

Score wise, the winner of every game we have played so far always had around 50 points, with everyone else scoring low to mid 40's. So the games have always been quite close.

Hopefully this will get a few more plays in next week.