Saturday, July 28, 2007

World In Conflict

World in Conflict

I have always liked RTS games, ever since Warcraft and Starcraft years back RTS's have been fun. Back then they were an excuse for the guys to drag over there rigs and monitors for a LAN session.

World in Conflict is the latest and I am currently playing the beta and so far I am very impressed. Its set in modern day with modern day units and weaponary.
So far I have just spent an hour running throught the tutorial and interface, but this game looks great. Its "gimmick" is that is is a resourceless game, so no need to keep tabs on your gold or trilium, just get your units into combat and call in those air strikes.

The final game will have a single player scenario as well as 20 multi player maps and should be released around September and I am expecting it to do really well.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Battlelore Showdown

The date has been sest, August the 15th will see me loose my Battlelore cherry as I pit my army against the forces of Steerpike the Kitchen Boy. Two forces will fight in vicious hand to hand combat but only one will win. Only skilled decisions, tactics and a few hundred dice rolls will determine the outcome.

Really looking forward to giving this game a try, its been on my wish list for some time, but the fact that its only 2 player out of the box and the hefty price tag have put me off. Luckily Steerpike has a copy in his grubby mitts and is lacking a player. Just had to wait for a suitable day when we are both free.

So, good luck Steerpike and may your forces desert you and run screaming from the table.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bob the Builder

Allot of friends know that I like games, and my kids are just getting into the world of games. So suprise, its time for a new game.
This one was handed over last night by one of my wifes friends.
I haven't played it yet but it looks like a racce round the board type game, pretty basic but at least its something to play.

I have promissed the kids I will try it out with them tonight, maybe I need to get a dice tower now?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Spiel | A podcast about games & the people who love them

The Spiel | A podcast about games & the people who love them

I was pointed in the direction of The Spiel by my friend Steerpike. Its a podcast dedicated to board games,or Spiel and its pretty good.
They have a number of regular features, including one on game Goober. Which game has the best Goober, or bits in the box. I must admit the wow factor when you open up a new game thats filled with great pieces is really nice.
Other features include reviews on old games and finding a list of 5 games that fit a listeners request. Such as games that can be played in a lunch hour for 2+ people.

There is also "The List", Steve and Dave are trying to play every unplayed game that they have to reduce teh list down to zero. I don't think this is going to be possible, as they are constantly buying or recieving new games but who knows. At least they are giving good reviews on the games that they are playing.

So give them a listen if you have an hour or two spare.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Samurai Tournament

The IGUK Samurai tournament is in full swing as I type. The four first round games kicked off last week and already one has finished.

Steerpike waded through a number of tied pieces to victory. A place in the final now awaits him, but who else will join him.

Only time, and the quick playing of Ronin tokens will tell.


So the Spiel de Jahres results are in and Zooloretto has won this year. This is a game I have been interested in for a while, mainly as I am hoping that the kids will like it. I havn't played the game or indeed seen it, but have heard quite a bit about it. It all sounds good, a bit of a juggling mechanic with the trucks and there is a nice element where you can stitch up the other players.

BGG Entry

The other games nominated for this year all look good, I have been very tempted to get Arkadia and Yspahan as well as I think my group would like them. But cash may restrict my purchases,so I will probably stick with Zooloretto.