Saturday, August 23, 2008

An icy wind blows in Arkham

With the road to legend taking a break, well its not really started our Thursday night group decided to give Arkham Horror a go. It's a very good if difficult game set firmly in the Cthulhu Mythos.

The intrepid investigators of myself, Romeo and Gornad took our heroes through a whirlwind game. It's been a while since we have played it so rules and player aids were well used. We were doing ok until a rumors card appeared and with it 5 monsters in the university. If we had of kept these in check all would have been ok but when this particular card got to 8 monsters all hell breaks loose. Needless to say it did and with a terrror level of 10 hitting Arkham the shops shut and the monster limit went out the window.

We struggled on and managed to close 4 gates before the great one, Ithaqua made his presence felt. We struggled on and managed to get him down to 3 tokens before he managed to consume Gornads struggling salesman.

Good game but next time we need to stay on top of things.

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