Thursday, August 7, 2008

Follow the yellow brick road

Tonight if the planets are alligned we will be kicking off a game of Descent : The road to legend. Its been planned for a couple of months now but we have had problems getting everyone in the same place at the same time. Fingers crossed this will happen tonight.

I have not played Descent yet, its always appealed, but the price tag hasn't. Although now I have seen what you get I could be converted. It looks like a great dungeon crawl of a game and after playing its older brother Doom I quite like the rules set.

So hopefully tomorrow I can post a report on what happened in our first campaign.

Gaming has generally been a bit slow the last week, I was absolutely thrashed in the first round of the Shotten Totten tourney by Harry the Lime. Hopefully next round won't be so bad. Battlelore against Steerpike and Earthquake continues, although we are now using lore or the hundred year wars expansions to add a little more to the game.
I am desperate to get Agricola out again and have a good game. I have thought about the game a bit and have a few strategies I would like to try out, but thats going to have to wait a week or two I fear.

I have also managed to paint all but 4 of the heavy infantry from my Battlelore set, the volume of medium infantry is still causing sleep issues so next up will be some archers.

Anyway, I need to sharpen my broadsword and find Pico ready for tonight.

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