Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Risk Legacy

Games are sometimes put into categories with the biggest two being Eurogames and Ameritrash. To me Risk Legacy is the definition of Ameritrash.

It got lots of theme and lots of pieces and the rules are a bit on the simple side. Although with the way Risk Legacies change this last point may change. You see, with Risk Legacies the game is going to change and evolve as you play it. Not just the once, each time you finish one of the first 15 games the board and rules can and will change.
Risk Legacy is doing something brave in the world of gaming. Its taking a game and allowing the players to change it with stickers, permanent markers and the rubbish bin. Throw in some unlock able expansions in the box and you have an interesting mix.
But and its a big one, its still Risk and after those 15 plays realistically how many times are you going to play it?
I played a lot of Risk when I was a kid and enjoyed it but I didn't really have much to compare it to then. I have also played an awful lot of Risk and variations online on the Conquer Club web site. So I know how to play Risk and its good and bad points.
Legacy is a fun game, its also pretty quick. We played the first 3 games in one evening session. Although in 2 of those games I only actually took 2 turns. Yep, 2 turns before we had a winner. So it feels like its gone from one extreme to the other. Risk used to take hours to play, now its condensed into much less. This may change as the game and board evolve, we have no idea what is in those sealed sections.
Altering the board is fun, and making sure that everyone can do something at the end of the game is great. If it were only the winner who could add cities or adjust the resources that would soon start to grate. But they have split the alterations into two sections. One for the winner while everyone else who survived can do a minor modification. These in themselves so far haven't adjusted the game in any major way but again, I am sure there are things lurking in those sealed that may change things.

So far I am enjoying the game, I just think that after you have put the stickers on the board and named a continent after your dog the game is going to spend more time on the shelf than on the table. But if the idea of really amending a game as your playing it appeals give it a go, your not going to be disappointed.