Saturday, June 16, 2007

Brothers In Arms : DS

I never really played the Brothers in Arms games before. I was always more of a Call of Duty, or Allied Assault kind of guy. But I thought I would have a look at the new version released for the DS. I am about 4 missions in and really like it, FPS on the DS have been a mixed bag for me. I enjoyed Metroid but found it a bit tricky to hold the DS and play at the same a bit frustrating.

Thankfully BOA doesn't have this problem. The top screen of the DS is your view of the action and cut screen player while the bottom screen is all about choosing weapons and aiming them. So far I have had grenades and bazooka's but I am sure there are more weapons to pick up and use later in the game.

The graphics are pretty good for the DS, you feel like you are getting in on the action and its not too pixelated for my liking. Sound is ok and the difficulty is just about right for now. I am hoping that it stays this way as I hate getting stuck on an uber hard mission. Saying that, when you die you just respawn back a bit into the mission so its not that much of an issue yet.

I would give it a good 8/10 and happy to have grabbed it.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Brandyhill Drinkers

The Brandyhill Drinkers

After goblin bashing and hobbit rescuing there is nothing better than sitting in the Prancing Pony drinking a beer and smoking some fine weed. And now there is a Kin on the Laurelin server that does just that.
After numerous name suggestions were discussed, the Brandyhill Drinkers was chosen. So grab a beer and come and find us.