Friday, January 29, 2010

King Kong was never like this.

We had a P.O.B meet this week and the Wine Vaults is turning out to be a really good venue. It's quiet on a Wednesday so we don't get many distractions and the beer is good.

A good turn out this week meant we had 3 tables of games running. I setup Steam on one and we had a 5 player game running. Most of us had played Age of Steam or Steam so only Neil was learning the game. It played out well and was quite close at the end with Peter scoring the win. Initial cube deployment was very random so it was all about economic track placement and Peter did well from the start. I came in last due to some poor track placement and not getting the city growth when I wanted it.

Another table were playing Chaos in the Old world which looked quite nice. I know very little about this game but wouldn't mind giving it a go later on.
After these were finished a few people left so we settled down to some card games. A 5 player game of Race for the Galaxy was started and I pulled out Poo!. I bought it as a throw away game but our 4 player game was so much fun we played it again. The game is all about throwing poo at each other and trying not to reach 15 poo markers. Our first game was hilarious as 3 of us managed to get to 14 while Neil hovered around 8. His final card would have taken all of us out but some nifty card playing from Ade and Rob managed to deflect poo back at him in there final death throws. It was a classic ending and a game that will be remembered for a while. All in a much better game than I expected.

Closing orders were rang but not before we squeezed in a quick game of Mow, the RftG game was called as we had run out of time.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's all so Quiet!

Gamers where are you? It's been deathly quiet on the gaming front. I don't think anything has been played since new years and its getting to be a bit of a problem. It's not that I have masses of new games to play but I would like to replay some of my last purchases or even some of those ones at the top of the shelf.

A POB meet has been arranged for next week so hopefully some gaming will happen in January. On a different note Agricola is no longer No1 at the geek. Puerto Rico has grabbed its Stanna stairlift and motored its way back to the top. I enjoy both games, but neither are really my favorites or number ones really. I maybe enjoy Agricola a little more than Puerto Rico but I understand why PR is so popular. In fact I struggle to think of what my No 1 game would be. Different games are for different groups or times and there are many games that I would happily play at the drop of a hat. Picking my No 1 is just too difficult.

Maybe I haven't played it yet?