Monday, July 7, 2008


I have just finished a game of Battlelore using the Vassal online engine. My opponent was Earthquake of the Meeples and Minatures podcast. It was good to get a game in, even though I lost.

The Vassal engine is a great bit of software, it provides you with a virtual table, dice and counters and keeps track of the cards played during the game. You still need to know how to play the game as the rules are not there, but if you want to play either live or using a pbem system its perfect.

My games have so far been PBEM based, where you record your moves into a log file and mail it to your opponent. They then replay the log file and then create a new one with there moves. It's simple and works, as long as you know the rules. I have been brought up for court martial for doing a few things wrong but now I know better.

I also lost a game to Steerpike, much to his amusement. Damn those weighted virtual dice.

I am ready for a rematch, and if anyone else wants a game, just holla.

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Steerpike said...

virtual dice seem to love me more than the real thing.

In the end, though, I'm sure that you'd agree that superior tactics won through.