Saturday, July 5, 2008

Agricola - First Game

Thursday night saw Agricola opened and played for the first time. Joining me in my night of farming was Croppertarty, Mudhonney and The Princess of Florence.

It was the first time for all of us and we took it slow for the first few rounds. Setting up the game took a bit of time and space, but after a couple or rounds we picked up the basic rules.
Nobody had any real idea of strategy, just making sure we had enough food for the harvest turns was the main one. Trying out the other actions such as stables, ploughing and occupations was also used.
Croppertarty was the first to expand his family and house and started getting more actions per round. Princess played a key occupation, Yeoman Farmer that would eventually win her the game. I continued fencing and letting my sheep breed but didn't get anything to turn them into food.

When we got to the last round we were all in the swig of the game and wished we had a few more rounds. Scoring was close

Croopertarty : 7
Count Zero : 8
Mudhoney : 8
Princess of Florence : 11

Cropertarty blundered in the last round by expanding his family to 5, but failed to feed them so a begging card negated his 3 points for the extra family member.

ll in, a great game. Now we know how to play the game we can concerntrate on learning how to win the game.

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