Friday, July 11, 2008

Disease and Cow Cubes

A few of the guys came over last night and we played Pandemic and Agricola. It was a first for most of them and we had some good gaming.
Pandemic was first and we lost the first game to a violent outbreak of red cubes in Asia. Our hard pressed Medic just couldn't keep up with the epedemics while the rest of us tried to be in the right location to swap cards.
We all decided to play a second game, even though Agricola was at the other end of the table looking very inviting. Roles were dealt and cubes were placed. We quickly managed to cure Black and remove it from the game meanwhile yellow and blue were getting a bit lary.
Some quick moves from the dispatcher and we have yellow and red cured. I finally managed to cure blue with 3 cards left in teh player deck. Close but a win none the less.

Agicola then hit the table with all its boards and bits. The rules were explained and as it was a first play for the other 3 we just decided on an open game with all questions asked and hints passed. The game went on and we all experimented with different occupations and improvements. As I had played before I knew that I needed to have as big a farm as possible and lots of animals. We played through, Ollie played the dancer occupation to gain more food. I went for a berry picker as it worked well for Hanna last week.

Game ended with me winning on 33 points. I totally put it down to remembering what I needed to score. Everyone enjoyed it and its definately a hit so will be played again.

I now need to find a source of animeeples as I am getting all cubed out.

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