Saturday, July 26, 2008

Plowed field wins game

Last night was POB at the Pub. The Portsmouth On Board group meet up usually every month at the Stamshaw Arms in Portsmouth for a few hours of gaming.

Last night we played Pandemic, Agricola, Battleline and Gheos.

Pandemic started off first while we waited for some others to show, Myself, Mudhoney, Ade and Methsdrinker managed to fight off the deadly infections and win the game. Quite a good win actually with 4 rounds of player cards left. I really should start playing at a harder level but after being soundly beaten when I tried it I always feel I need a bit more practice.

Some of the otehrs had turned up now so we decided to play a bigger game. Agricola was chosen and we settled in for a 5 player game. Things progressed quickly as we all knew how to play except for Methsdrinker. 5 players was harder as we were all fighting for actions, particularly the build fence one. Starting player was swapped frequently.
In the end it all came down to 1 point with Ollie managing to win the game. Luckily using a plow action as his last action to fill up an empty spot on his field.

Agricola gets better and better the more I play it, the posabilities and options are just fantastic.

Lastly the group seperated with Mudhoney, Princess of Florence teaching Ade how to play Battleline while the rest of us gave Gheos a go.
It was my first attempt at teh game and I found it a bit bewildering at first. Probably because I was a bit tired but I kept up. Scoring confussed me at first but after I had watched the others play I picked it up. I must have done as I went on to win the game ;-)

That was it for the July meet, hopefully August will bring along some other games.


Steerpike said...

Still not had a chance to play this. You around week after next ?

Count Zero said...

Maybe, not sure. I am in Suffolk for a week working soon but not sure when exactly.