Friday, May 2, 2008


Tuesday and Wednesday I was working in Warwick and rather than spend a night by myself in the Hotel I went to visit JohnnyB a fellow gamer from the IGUK forums.

We played a few games, Iliade was first. I have had a copy of this for over a year now but never managed to get it on the table. After a quick run through of the rules we started it off. It's an OK game, you take it in turns to either place or use a previously placed card. The aim being to be the one with the largest army. Different cards can take out other cards, in a rock/paper/scissors kind of fashion.
It plays quickly and once you get to know what cards do what its pretty simple. The difficult part is choosing which card to place and when to use them.
I lost big time so I need to give this another go.

Second game was Race for the Galaxy, I had played this last Friday at P.O.B so knew the rules. Didn't help me win but at least I knew what I should have been doing. I can only describe it as San Juan on Steroids, its a good game and one I would like to add to my collection. I think the price is a bit high for a deck of cards, but its a strong game.

Last up was High Society, a bidding card game that didn't really appeal to me. Yes I lost, again but I just found the game a bit flat really.

Thanks for the games JohnnyB it was good to see you again, until next time.

Speil On

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