Sunday, May 18, 2008


Settlers of Catan has had a resurgence! One of the original "Euro" games has been played twice in one week, a never before seen happening.
I don't know why, the first time on Wednesday it was to introduce Dobbie to the game in his ongoing initialtion to all things euro. We played a good game and although I really could do with some English cards the game went along pretty smoothly. We used the example setup to create the Island of Catan to make life easier for the noob. I managed to secure a victory with a road rush towards the end of the game.

Teh second time was last night, Panzerfaust was over along with a couple of mates and he hasn't played the game. It's been on his "want to play" list for a while so we setup the game again and started off. This time is played very differntly. The thief was moved around the board allot more restricting wheat supplies then hampering the logging actions of two players. It was a close run game with all 4 of us reaching 8 points. I managed to win by playing the third knight.

I had forgotten how good Catan is as had a couple of the other players so I expect its going to be seen again soon.

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