Friday, April 25, 2008

Runebound, the final encounter

Our mamouth 4 player Runebound game finally came to an end on Sunday eveneing. It took about another 2 hours of play so in total this 4 player game ran for 6 hours.

Sid James finally got the balls to tackle some red encounters and after realising that maybe they weren't that bad was on a roll. 3 dead dragon lords later and he had won the game.

Overall I quite like Runebound, its a nice monster bash game that moves along. It takes a while to play but if you start rolling the dice ready for your move you can speed the game along.

I am going to hold off the expansions for now, until the base game has been played a few more times then I will see.

P.O.B. meet tonight and I have Kingsburg in the bag, should be a good evening of gaming. I hear Container is comming along so quite interested in that.

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