Tuesday, May 20, 2008

End of a Good Weeks Gaming

The wife came back from Washington today, she has been away for a week shopping, eating and visiting some seminars on network marketing. Sounds more like a jolly to me.

Anyway, while she was away I made an effort to get in some good gaming and I would like to that everyone that visited over the week to save me from power rangers and a life of the Disney channel.

We kicked off on Wednesday when Dobbie and Croppertarty came over for Settlers of Cata, Ticket to Ride Europe, Pickamino and Zooloretto. A great evening of gaming.

Mudhoney and his American Paratroopers was Thursday, a great game of Combat Commander Europe wher I got slaughtere trying to take hill 30.

Friday was AT-43 brought over by Panzerfaust. A nice sci-fi miniatures game. A few games of this was the first time played by either of us. Minis are great and Panzer has made some excellent landscape tiles. Pics to follow.

Saturday saw Panzerfaust, Croppertart and Frank over for a BBQ and games. I was expecting a few more faces but more food for us. Catan hit the table again followed by Kingsburg. Good games, especially Kingsburg where I lost out to Frank by 1 point.

Now back to a once a week gaming session, Dungeon Twister anyone?

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Steerpike said...

I'm really bummed that I never made it to any of the Games evenings. Just turned out to be bad timing for me.

We still need to get that Tigris game in !