Sunday, April 6, 2008


Kingsburg is on it's way to me as you would know if you are keeping up with the posts. I liked the idea of the game and the way it uses dice. Very few of my games use dice, the don't seem to be the in thing but that seems to be changing.

To get up to speed with Kingsburg I found the rules on the geek and gave them a read. This is where I realized that the game wasn't exactly what I was thinking. Still, it sounded pretty good and a games a game isn't it. Well maybe not monopoly but still...

Anyway, I found a link to a java version of the game. It's been created by a guy called Thomas Arnold, and all kudos to the guy. It's great! I have played a few games now and not won any, but I know know how the game works and what I have read makes sense. I am now looking forward to receiving the game proper so I can roll those dice for real.

I wish more game manufacturers would release a free online version of there game, the one for Battle for Hill 218 helped me learn the game and was enough for me to buy it. I can understand why they won't but they sure are handy when your fellow gamer are away.

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