Saturday, December 22, 2007

Last Night on Earth

Last night on Earth hit the table at the Portsmouth Board Game group last night. Its a bit of an ameritrash game but its allot of fun.
You play a typical stereotype character from a horror film, such as the priest, high school quarterback or sheriff. Another player takes the role of zombie controller. A scenario is picked where the hero's in the game have to achieve some goals such as kill a number of zombies or find the car keys and escape in the truck.

The game itself is quite light, there are a number of scenarios to use and the board is modular so you can change things around a bit. But the best thing about the game is the production values. This game has been put together so well, there are loads of nice counters, plastic zombies great cards. You even get a cd of atmospheric music to play while you are trying to battle through the zombies. All of the artwork is photographic and just oozes theme and style.

I really enjoyed this game last night, it was a bit tense at times when we were hunting for the car keys and gas but everything came together at the end and we managed to beat Ollie and Leona the zombie overlords.

"Eat dirt Zombie....."

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