Sunday, December 16, 2007

DS : Jewel Quests Expeditions

Time for another puzzle game on the DS. I think that the DS is possibly the best platform for puzzle type games. I just seem to get drawn into them and will continally shift coloured blocks about th screen.

This latest one is a conversion of a game originally put out for mobile phones. Its your typical move blocks to line them up and they dissapear fare. Nothing original there, as the blocks are cleared the background turns gold. When all of the squares are gold you have finished the level.
Now this is what sets it appart from other puzzle games I have played. When you complete a level you get a piece of a story, its all about some 1920's style adventurer going through Africa looking for the "Gem Board". Every time you complete a level you get further into the story.
The levels get harder, but when you complete a tough one there is a sense of achievement. ITs not a continual rainfall of blocks that just get faster and faster.

So, if you are after a nice puzzle game give it a go. I wouldn't pay full price or it unless you are a die hard puzzle addict. But it should appear in the bargin bin or second hand shelf soon.

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