Thursday, August 2, 2007

Nintendo Wii : Big Brain Acadamy

Wii : Big Brain Acadamy

Latest purchase for the Wii arrived yesterday and for teh online price of £15 its great. Big brain acadamy is the latest in a string of games that is supposed to help "grow" your brain. Not sure about that, but its allot of fun mixed in with some annoying sections.

As its a Nintendo produced game it integrates with your Mii's. You enrol them in the acadamy and it will then keep tabs on your scores so you can compare how well you are doing against the other players on your Wii.

Once enrolled you can practice the exercises or just jump into a test. You are tested in 5 areas, which include analyze, visualize and compute plus 2 others I can't remember (Maybe I need more training). After the test your brain size is calculated and you are given a score. Currently my brain is C++ which isn't to bad. After a spot of training I am hoping it will get better.

You can also play multiplayer, where you can work as a team or against in a number of chalanges. This was fun as the wife started to get into the game, she wouldn't stop playing until we had managed to get a decent score.

I really like this game, I liked the DS version allot and having it on the big screen and playable with others is really nice. Coupled with the low cost it should be added to everyones collection.

Overall score : 8.5 / 10

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Steerpike said...

Your brain is C++ ?

Isn't that kind of ironic for a computer geek ? You need to move with the times - mine is C#