Saturday, July 28, 2007

World In Conflict

World in Conflict

I have always liked RTS games, ever since Warcraft and Starcraft years back RTS's have been fun. Back then they were an excuse for the guys to drag over there rigs and monitors for a LAN session.

World in Conflict is the latest and I am currently playing the beta and so far I am very impressed. Its set in modern day with modern day units and weaponary.
So far I have just spent an hour running throught the tutorial and interface, but this game looks great. Its "gimmick" is that is is a resourceless game, so no need to keep tabs on your gold or trilium, just get your units into combat and call in those air strikes.

The final game will have a single player scenario as well as 20 multi player maps and should be released around September and I am expecting it to do really well.

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Lizzie said...

Still playing WIC - one of the great team play RTS games, could have been a goodie for the group :(