Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mailmans here

Whenever a friend goes to the States I always try and get them to become a games mule for me. And last week was no exception. Roly Mo was off to the sunny city of San Francisco for a week of drinking, socializing and apparently some sales conference things.

A nice package met him at his hotel consisting of

For Sale
Lucca Citta

All games that I have been interested in playing and at the current exchange rates its seemed rude not to add them to my collection.

Roly was back yesterday and brought over the games, I had seen battlelore earlier in the week when Steeerpike brought over his copy but the other 3 were new to me. I must admit the small boxes were a bit disapointing but hopefully the games won't be. For sale will be tried out tonight, the others will have to wait.

Now, who wants this designer one bedroom cardboard box? Only one careful owner?

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