Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Spiel | A podcast about games & the people who love them

The Spiel | A podcast about games & the people who love them

I was pointed in the direction of The Spiel by my friend Steerpike. Its a podcast dedicated to board games,or Spiel and its pretty good.
They have a number of regular features, including one on game Goober. Which game has the best Goober, or bits in the box. I must admit the wow factor when you open up a new game thats filled with great pieces is really nice.
Other features include reviews on old games and finding a list of 5 games that fit a listeners request. Such as games that can be played in a lunch hour for 2+ people.

There is also "The List", Steve and Dave are trying to play every unplayed game that they have to reduce teh list down to zero. I don't think this is going to be possible, as they are constantly buying or recieving new games but who knows. At least they are giving good reviews on the games that they are playing.

So give them a listen if you have an hour or two spare.

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Steerpike said...

Yeah, I like the "truckload of goober" section as I like lots of playing pieces.
Although I'm not really sure what a goober is. In the Spongebob movie they sing "I'm a goofy goober, you're a goofy goober" etc but that can't be the same thing.

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