Friday, July 27, 2007

Battlelore Showdown

The date has been sest, August the 15th will see me loose my Battlelore cherry as I pit my army against the forces of Steerpike the Kitchen Boy. Two forces will fight in vicious hand to hand combat but only one will win. Only skilled decisions, tactics and a few hundred dice rolls will determine the outcome.

Really looking forward to giving this game a try, its been on my wish list for some time, but the fact that its only 2 player out of the box and the hefty price tag have put me off. Luckily Steerpike has a copy in his grubby mitts and is lacking a player. Just had to wait for a suitable day when we are both free.

So, good luck Steerpike and may your forces desert you and run screaming from the table.


Steerpike said...

Steerpike the Kitchen Boy ? How very dare you ! I walk amongst the Earls of Gormenghast these days.

I look forward to the clash of swords and the roll of bones.

BattleLore went on its maiden voyage last night and it rocks. More info on my blog:

Count Zero said...

The kitchen is the place for you, and after our battles you will be happy to be back there.