Friday, February 26, 2010


Ghost stories was played on Wednesday night and after a false start (read every haunter and tormentor, not ones on your board, yikes!) things went well. I am very pleased with the look and feel of the game, the artwork is really nice. The plastic ghosts are good and there is enough bits to make a good game without needing hundreds of baggies to keep things organised.

Needless to say we lost. We managed to get about half way through the ghost deck before we forgot to use out yin-yang tokens to flip back some villager tiles. A noobie mistake but we were busy trying to fend off hoards of ghost. The ghosts did seem to appear think and fast and boards were being over run quickly. Mainly due to the black curse die bringing in more spooks.

I also found that we didn't use the villager tiles as much as I though. Probably because we are not really up to speed with what they do. We also missed opportunities with our special powers. I was yellow and didn't use my enfeeblement ability the first few turns as I forgot about it.

I am going to give it a solo try over the weekend, more to get the rules down. I hope to get a bit further through the deck.

Afterwards we played Stone Age, one of my favorite games. Things progressed well with Gornad choosing the action I wanted pretty much every time. Mudhoney struggled but it was his first time and it was getting late. I managed to win the game by a sizable margin. Mainly due to holding lots of cards. They always seem to be the game winner for me.

A good nights gaming, but I always leave wanting to play more games.

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Steerpike said...

The art to winning the game really is to use all abilities (individual and village tiles) in harmony.

It takes a few turns to nail it but sooner or later Egg Fu Yung is defeated.

Unless Poodle is rolling the dice