Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Who you gonna call?

It's nearly the end of February and things have been busy. If I haven't been delving into virtualization at work I have been running with an aim of completing a 10 mile run at the end of the year.
This hasn't left a huge amount of time for gaming, and even less for typing up what's been going on but some gaming has been had.

POB has met up again, last week and it seemed to be a night of the classics. Settlers and Tigris were played. I even managed to scrape a win in Tigris. It's a game that only just "clicked" and made sense. I was lucky in that 2 of the 4 players hadn't played the game before. I can sympathise with them as its a complex game and one that you have to think about.
Other games played were Stone Age, Poo, Pirates and a prototype card game designed by a newcomer.

Other gaming has seen Dominion: Seaside hit the table and I really enjoyed this one. I am desperate to give it another play as I have only used 10 of the new cards. The delayed action mechanic is nice, having a trail of caravans supplying you with cards is very handy.

New purchase of the month is Ghost Stories. I have had my eye on this for a while but the price has put me off. I finally managed to scoop up a copy on an auction. This looks great and hopefully its going to get played tonight. I hear it's hard, but I hope its enjoyable enough to want repeat plays. Nothing worse than playing a game only to find nobody else liked it.

A game that has caught my eye is the new Fantasy Flight war game set on Westros. I am a big fan of the GRRMartin books and FFG always puts a lot of effort into there games. The fact that it uses Battlelore as a system, or part system is interesting. The only downside I can see is the cost. Games just seem to be getting more expensive these day.


Steerpike said...

I went through a brief period of enjoying Ghost Stories but have not played for awhile. I find that Coop games become stale quite quickly - still it is a good game with lots going on.

As for Dominion:Seaside. Fetch the bucket and spade, I want a trip down to the coast right now!

Count Zero said...

I know what you mean about the co-op thing, but Pandemic was spiced up with the Brink expansion. That added a fair bit to the game.

Ghost stories is good, really enjoyed it but don't want to OD on it.

Seaside is really good, skip Intigue and head straight to the high seas. Aarrggh!! Hoping the next expansion has ninjas in it!

Steerpike said...

Dominion:Ninjas ! Sounds great provided Dominion:Zombie Dawn comes out first :-)