Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Using the Chapel

I have been playing Dominion quite a bit recently. Mainly using the BSW site as its nice and quick. The system does all the shuffling and works out all the actions and gold which makes life quite a bit easier.

My play of Dominion has evolved over the last couple of weeks. I used to grab as many village cards as I could. Those +2 actions are always useful but to many in your deck and all you end up with is lots of unusable actions. Smithy's are always useful as they can help get you more action cards but sometimes I felt like I was just fishing around for something to play.

Recently I have started playing around with the Chapel card. Initially I couldn't get my head around why you would want to discard cards but after being beaten online it started to make sense. Once a card has served its purpose its just going to clog your hand. When there are no more curse cards left your witch is an over priced moat. Also when you have started to buy or mine the higher money cards it can be useful to trash the lower "1" value cards.
It's all about making your deck as sleek and efficient as possible and is something that all good players strive to.

So the village card is not always the first card I grab, sometimes its the Chapel. Or maybe something that will increase my buying power. Anyone for a woodcutter?


Steerpike said...

yeah, the chapel has its uses - but the "clear your hand out" strategy does not always work. When the gardens are in play it is sometimes worth stocking your hand with multiple 'buy' cards and picking up cards at every opportunity. This approach has won me quite a few games over on BSW against the thin deck chapel.

Count Zero said...

But a quick deck should beat a gardens deck. You need 10 gards for 1 point, if you are playing a chapel deck you should have blitzed through the province cards before your opponent has filled his deck with bloat in teh name of a few more points.