Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And now for something completely different

The latest Fluxx offering from Looney Labs is a Monty Python set of cards. This arrived today at work, so myself and Dobbie have just bust open the packaging and given it a couple of goes.

I am not a huge fan of Fluxx, its ok but there isn't much skill involved in winning a game. But its usually a bit of fun and this version is the funniest I have played so far. If you like Monty Python you will love this version. So many of the cards are inspired from the tv series and the films its great.

We manged one win each over lunch, with myself getting the finger of God and "The Foot" as a Goal, while Dobbie won his with the Animator and the Grim reaper. Although to get there we had to quote Python lines, sing verses and giggle our way through a number of cards.


Steerpike said...

As a huge fan of Zombie Fluxx and not being averse to the odd unladen swallow joke, I look forward to giving this one a spin.

Count Zero said...

I think this game is perfect for you.

Cards like "I'm not dead yet" which allow you to take a keeper or creeper from the discard pile are great. Plus all the Goals, you win if you have Sir Robin and his Minstrals are just brilliant.

The the cards that allow you to get more cards if you sing or quote python are great.

Eric Franklin said...

MP Fluxx is like Zombie Fluxx with the humor turned up. The addition of Creepers to the game made it playable enough that I'm considering buying the 4th Edition of Fluxx (which adds Creepers to the "basic" game).

And I rated Fluxx a 2 on BGG. I think.