Sunday, November 16, 2008

This weeks gaming

Well gaming this week has been a mixed bunch, the new Xbox 360 has dented my free time. But I have bought and played Carc and Ticket to Ride on it which have both been implemented really well. If any xbox live people want a match just yell.

Otherwise the Descent group came over on Monday minus the Overlord and Ollie so we played a couple of games. Race for the Galaxy first which I either drew or won by 1 point. Can't quite remember. I was going the military route and was hanging on for the card that scores for rebel cards. In the end I just played the 12th card to end the game. It was a good match and the game is really starting to make sense now.

Next up was Monty Python Fluxx, I won this with a Grim Reaper, Dead Parrot Goal. Its a fun game that as long as it doesn't drag is ok. Not my favorite but i'm happy to play it.

We finished off with a game of Shadows over Camelot (Its only a model). First time I have played, even though I have owned it for a while now. Really enjoyed it, but I do like my co-op games. Thanks to Panzerfaust for explaining it, it really helped.
No traitor this time, but maybe next.

On Tuesday Dobbie came over and we had a monster game of Twilight Struggle, this game just rocks. I absolutely love it. I managed to win in turn 9 by controlling Europe and playing a score card. Dobbie was a bit miffed, he forgot about that way of scoring and was concerntrating on tehmiddle east and south/central america. I wasn't going to tell him to put some extra influence on France now was I.
Still , good game and well played for a first attempt. I know the next game will be tougher.

Secret Santa on Board Game Geek has kicked off and this time my target is in America. Last year I had an Oz guy and it was fun. Hopefully this year will pan out to be good as well.

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