Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Multiple Plays

Sometimes you get a game, give it a play and it just doesn't click. Sometimes its now what your expecting, sometimes it seems more trouble than its worth. When I first heard about Kingdom Builder I was quite excited. I loved Dominion, to me its one of the greats, bringing deck building back into the forefront at a reasonable cost. Initial reviews were a bit mixed, but I think that expectations might have been a bit high.

I missed out on the first print run, I was tempted but there just wasn't a copy around. I added it to my wish list and waited.

I managed to grab a copy at the UK Games Expo, by this time the reviews had evened out and it was getting a more positive response. I also thought it might be a good game to play with the kids.
Reading the rules I was a little confused, not because there was lots to read. Far from it, the rules are barely there. I just couldn't get my head around them. I think I was trying to read too much into them.
First play with the kids went well, the game flowed although we didn't really go for the special tiles that effect placement of your pieces.

I thin played with some of my game group and it played a bit better, the pieces started to fall into place and strategies were forming.

Last night we played it again, this was my 5th game and my reservations have now been ignored. Last night was a great game, I lost by 1 point. But the different scoring strategies made more sense.

Kingdom Builder is never going to be in my top 10 games, but after a few plays its now deffinately going to stay on the game shelf.

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