Tuesday, May 22, 2012

UK Games Expo

This weekend its time to drive up North to Birmingham for the yearly UK Games Expo. I haven't been to many expos, but the one in Birmingham is always a good day out. There is plenty to see and games to play as well as a few bargains to pick up.

Thankfully its the last time its going to be in its current location, the last couple of years its become more popular and more crowded. I don't feel like I have missed out on anything but it would be nice to have a bit more space. Especially at the demo tables.

I have a few games lined up, Mage Knight is back in print and I have ordered a copy. This one looks really good, with some nice bits. The rule book looks a bit in depth but I am sure I can cope with it.
The second is Kingdom Builder, I tried to buy a copy around Christmas but it soon sold out. It's back now and looks like it might win the SdJ this year. I also think it might be one that I can play with teh kids, well that's a good enough excuse to get it on the shelf.

Gaming wise its been pretty busy, I have played Helvetia a few times and really like this euro. The bits are lovely and the game is interesting without being too complicated. Our Risk Legacy game has stalled, mainly because we haven't managed to get all 5 of us together at the same time. Hopefully this will remedy itself soon.

I am off camping in a couple of weeks, so any suggestions of games that I can take would be welcome. Something small, light weight and can be played with 10 year olds.

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