Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A bit more Thunderstone

The Thunderstone expansion has been delivered, unboxed, sleeved and collated. This expansion is brilliant, not only for the extra cards but for the built in filing system you get. Having a way to sort through the cards from both boxes now is a great bonus.

I have tried the expansion twice now and both games have been very good. We mixed up cards from the base set and expansion and they worked well. I did tweak the cards on the second play as we had no magic attack cards available and some of the elemental monsters needed magic attacks. both games played out well, although there was the inevitable stall point where a big monster blocks the dungeon and the players are busy trying to get cards into their deck to defeat it.
This is my only sticking point with the game. Whether its a creature only defeatable by magical attacks, or another that has such a terrible penalty if you don't have particular cards can hinder the game. It's not insurmountable, you just carry on grabbing cards until someone manages to get a good hand. It just sometimes stalls the game for 10 minutes when things were running smoothly.

My Dwarf promo cards haven't turned up yet which is annoying. I seem to be having problems with my post recently. Halo Reach is 3 days late and that's more annoying than the lack of Dwarves!
Hopefully I will have some packages to open soon.

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