Friday, July 9, 2010

Viva le France!

It's all been about the French recently. A two week holiday to the South of France meant for little gaming. Apart from a couple of hands of Franks Zoo and Colloretto there wasn't much gaming going on.

I did however manage to visit Carcassonne, inspiration for one of the first games I bought in my resurgence into the hobby. It's an amazing place and well worth a visit if you enjoy wandering around castles. However be warned, anything game related costs a fortune. I had the idea of buying an expansion for Carcassonne while I was visiting, it seemed to make sense buying Traders and Builders while wandering around the historic courtyards. However the prices soon put me off. In the castle gift shop the base game was selling for 38 Euros. Yep £31 at today's exchange rate. That would buy me two copies here from my favorite online supplier. The expansions didn't do much better. I decided to wait till I got back home to spend any money on game related items.

I had arranged for two nights of gaming when I got back. The first brought Glory to Rome and Macao to the table. I really like Macao, it has everything. Tiles, Cubes, Dice and Cards that all work very well. Yet again Hannah won the game continuing her winning streak. I messed up early on in the game picking up cards I couldn't build. Next time I will think hard about this.
Glory to Rome was good, it took a little while to get going as it was new to me and the others had only played it once. I was so close to winning but didn't quite manage it. If I had one more go I would have been the new Emperor. I really enjoyed this game and will be looking for a copy when the reprint hit the shelves later this month.

Tuesday night put me back in my French mood as I took the rains of my French army on the lookout for water slides and Ziggy Piggies. Waterloo had been picked up at the recent UK Games Expo by Rich and it was the first time it had hit the table. Luckily Rich had setup the game ready, although a few pieces were missing you get a lot of chunky wooden bits in the box.
I managed to win the game by continually harassing the English troops and managed a win by 3PM just as the Prussians arrived for tea. Overall a good game that felt a little restrictive at the start. My troops seemed hemmed in by the sheer number of other pieces and an annoying ridge line in the center of the board.
Next time I will play the role of the British and see if I can put history back on track.

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