Thursday, March 11, 2010

Black Ops

Netrunner was played last night and it was great. Just as good as I remembered it and I am now ready to get the rest of my cards out the loft and start sifting through them building decks to play.
I played Corps first and managed to score the win. I was very lucky in that the runner didn't harass me even though I only have a couple of pieces of ice defending my forts. When he did break into my HQ I had 4 agendas in my hand and he missed them all. Systematic layoff allowed me to quickly score an agenda to win the round.
Next up I was the runner and I ran and ran. HQ and R&D were constantly hit and inside jobs allowed me to sneak past the first level of ice. I was knocked back a few times but at the cost of the corp paying up loads of bits to rez his ice. A few lucky runs on R&D and I had 7 points of agendas and it was game over.

A good pair of games that helped bring the rules back from a dormant part of my brain. REady for another.

The evening finished off with more card games. Battleline is a favorite and I won that one due to some lucky card play. We didn't play with the tactics cards, I admit I am not a great fan of them. We also played a game of Jambo, this time playing as African traders. Won that one as well, I had a good evening. Jambo always suprises me, sometimes I dismiss it as its a card game but there is a bit more to it than its "filler" status in my mind.

So from Alexander the great to Crash Everret, Inventive fixer all in one night.

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