Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm a Storyteller

Last week was full of gaming as the various groups met up before Christmas to play a few games and have a drink.
The first game played at P.O.B. last week was Dixit. Initially we were a bit sceptical about the game. We had been dealt a hand of cards and told we needed to tell a story. Auctions we can handle, bluffing not a problem but asking us to make up stories seemed a little odd.

Actually the game was very good, when its your turn you pick one of the cards in your hand. These are beautifully illustrated pictures of mainly surreal states. You then say a word or phrase that would tell a story about that card. It's then placed face down on the table. The rest of the players then need to pick a card which they think would also match the story and place them face down.
Cards are then shuffled and turned over, each player then places a token on the table matching the card position that they think belongs to the storyteller.
Points are then awarded to each card with tokens and the storyteller can gain more points if his card is chosen unless it chosen by all or no players. So the story you tell cannot be too vague or too simple.
The rounds flew by and there were several "What!" moments as non of the cards seemed to match the story.
After our initial scepticism I really enjoyed the game. Putting down cards that matched very close to the story was fun knowing that I could get more score from the other players. I lost out to Mudhonney my one point but would be very happy to play it again.
It's classed as a party game and I would play it over Wits and Wagers any day.


Steerpike said...

I've heard a lot of really good things about Dixit. I really must give it a go.

Better than Wits and Wagers ?
That's some claim :-)

Merry Christmas, dude

Count Zero said...

I think that W&W is an ok game, but it lacks something. It's very quick to play and the fact that the trivia is sometime so way out that its more luck than anything.
Dixit converted 5 of us in 2 rounds. It was very clever and easy to play.