Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Santa's on his way

Boardgamegeek run a secret Santa every year and this years one has just kicked off. This will be my third year and the previous two have been really good.

Once everyone has signed up Tom Vassel supplies each participant with there target, you can then spend some time looking at there profile and wish list. You can also use a Santa account to start sending anonymous emails to your target which is fun. My last targets have been in America and Australia, this year its a Canadian and they have a pretty good list of games on there wishlist.

I rarely get games for Christmas and this makes sure that I get at least one good one. I am not hoping for any one particular game this year, although Dungeon Lords and Dominion Seaside would be nice additions.

Looks like P.O.B. has found a new home. The Wine Vaults pub in Southsea, our first meet there is next week and it will be nice to have the room for everyone to meet up and play some of the new games.

Gaming wise here has been a bit slow, maybe because of Modern Warfare 2 being released but also work has been busy. Endeavor and Notre Dame have seen the light recently and they have been well received. Endeavor continues to impress me, last game I tried to go for a building strategy as I am usually stuck with lower buildings. The last game went well for me with the other players missing on attack options so I managed to take over enough cities to claim a large share of the trade routes.

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Steerpike said...

I missed the Secret Santa deadline this year. Not paying enough attention (since changing jobs I've been unable to access the geek from work and therefore miss my lunchtime browsing sessions)

A shame because some of my finest games came from Santa