Thursday, July 23, 2009

Modern Art

I have recently been playing Stone Age on Yucata. I think I first heard about it on the Meeples and Minatures podcast and I kind of brushed it off. I was probably busy with Pandemic at the time.

It's on Beta at Yucata and I have really been enjoying it, I have about 5 games of it on the go at the moment. One of the best things about the implementation is that you can see the board and cards as they really are. I think the board is one of the best looking boards I have seen.

I am a sucker for things that look nice and I am sure if I had seen this earlier a copy would be on my shelf already. I have had a look back over the games and wondered how many I have bought just because they looked good. Suprisingly not a huge amount. Does this mean that I have missed out on some gems or just don't appreciate good board game art.

Dominion is a great game, but I find the art a bit bland but functional. Some companies seem to spend more tiem on the artwork than others. I suppose it's down to cost. After developing a game can they justify pasting on some uber artwork hoping that it will be enough to entice the geek crown into buying it?

So, my top 5 best looking game boards at the moment are probably
  1. Stone Age, its new.
  2. Formula D, I love the cartoon look of the reprint.
  3. Hannible, rome vs Carthage. Sucker for map boards and this is gorgeous.
  4. Thebes, works well with the theme and its another map board.
  5. Age of Empires III, yet another map.
Any others I should be looking at?


Steerpike said...

for sumptious boards, look no further than War of the Ring.

I also like 1960: the making of the president [more maps :-) ]
and I hear Giants and Fauna are both pretty good.

Count Zero said...

Yeah War or the Ring is good I have heard, but the cost has put me off. Also its 2 player and takes a third age in itself to play.
1960, not sure. Politics doesn't appeal and American politics even less. But it does sound good and TS is awesome. TS could really do with a better board. Hell, anything is better than the piece of cardboard that comes in the box.
I will have a look at Giants, not seen anything on that one.

Steerpike said...

I'm not sure that War of the Ring takes much longer than Twilight Struggle (Board set up is a bit longer but with experienced players actual gameplay time is similar).

Having played both 1960 and TS, I have to say that I prefer the former although have more affinity to the theme of the latter.