Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gaming a plenty

There has been a plethora of gaming going on recently and some fantastic games have hit various tables.

My copy of Steam arrived and a 4 player game was arranged, playing only the basic rules as we were all relatively new to games involving shipping cubes between cities. It played really well, a cut down, sleek intercity 125 version of Age of Steam. I lost due to not having enough cubes to move around without scoring heavily for my opponents.

Cutthroat Caverns has also been played and I was pleasantly surprised with it. Backstabbing is always fun and set it in a fantasy dungeons and dragons setting is going to appeal to any old school RPGer. Again I lost this but enjoyed it enough to put it on my wish list.

My losing streak continued into last weeks POB meet, where I was soundly beaten at Bang, hustled by Leanne at Small World, dun over at Intrigue (Not the Dominion expansion) and killed off at Shadow Hunters. A great nights gaming even if I didn't win a thing.

Last night everything changed, Moley dropped in for a couple of hours gaming and my luck changed. War of Edath was played twice, its a good game that is growing on me. Now we have the base rules down I can only see it getting better. One game a piece, although I foolishly suggested we just pick our armies. I went for variety, Moley went for heavy cavalry. Enough said.
My copy of Intrigue is on its way, but the base game of Dominion still cries out to be played. A random selection of kingdom cards made for a very interesting game. Only one the laboratory and spy cards were giving out extra actions so a hard game was fought. Luckily my adventurers always managed to help find me some gold and the game was mine.
Rounding off the night was a game of Battleline, where I managed to score a pretty easy victory even if I forgot that there were cards numbered to 10 in the game. I blame those Scottish types.

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