Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Catan, sheep anyone?

Gaming over Easter was pretty non existent, other than a quick game of Hey! that's my fish with the kids all other gaming was online.

I decided to rack up the difficulty level of Catan on the 360. I have won every game played on easy AI so upped the AI to moderate. I expected it to be tough, but I am sure those AI players are in cahoots. I played it three times over the weekend and in each managed to get a good clear lead to around 6-7 points then was shut out of all trading and received the robber more times than anyone.
What really galled me was when the other AI players caught up with my score they still wouldn't trade with me but happily swapped wood for sheep between themselves.

If this is what Medium is like, Hard must be a killer!

Catan is very well produced on the 360, it looks and plays really well and I can't fault it other than my experiences with the AI. If anyone wants a game, just let me know.


Eric Franklin said...

I'm on XBL. I'll bet you can guess my tag. :)

Count Zero said...

You have already been added ;-)