Friday, October 3, 2008

Pob at the council

Last night was POB night but unfortunately our usual location was unavailable due to decorators so it was off to the Civic Offices where it all started. We had a good turnout, 11 of us in all and we managed to play a couple of big games.

Shogun went down a treat after everyone got the hang of it. Panzerfaust played the warmonger and managed to take a number of my provinces complete with there castels, temples and theaters.
He eventually won the game with Leanne trailing by a couple of points. I brought up the rear as my weary samurai only managed to hold 6 provinces.

Some of the others played Conquest of Paradise which looked really good. Gornad managed to win using some sneaky Victory Point cards. The game looked really interesting and one that I would like to try soon.

Romeo and Harriet turned up a bit late but managed to get a few games of Battleline and Heroscape in.

The evening rounded off with some games of Poison and another number/colour card game that the name escapes me. Security came round at 10 to remind us that our time was up and that was the end of our nights gaming.

All in a good evening, pity it ended so soon.

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Steerpike said...

unusual for the warmonger to win Shogun - it normally rewards a more balanced approach. Great game, that one !