Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pandemic Averted

This week I was sent up North for business so managed to make some time to meet up with Earthquake and JohnnyB at the Coventry Scimitar club.

We played a few different games, I brought along Pandemic which went well. We managed to win but only with 3 player cards left. Unusually we only had 2 outbreaks so it wasn't the most tense game I have played.

We didn't have enough time for another monster game after that so Neil opened up his games bag and brought out Race for the Galaxy, Colloretto and Poison. Race for the Galaxy is a great game but I am only just getting the hang of it. Needless to say I was whupped.
Coloretto was fun, and always a blast to play. Poison was new to me and although it was a bit over produced played well. It's been added to my wish list.

All in a good evening of play, and I should be back in Coventry in a months time.


Steerpike said...

let me know when you are in coventry and maybe we can rendezvous !

Count Zero said...

looking like the 8th Oct, would be good if you can make it along with JohnnyB and Earthquake.