Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Incomming Shipment

I have a number of games winging or floating there way to me from across the pond. I shouldn't have but I did, the weak $$$$$ makes things so much cheaper and if you have a games mule visiting on business its just got to be done.

First up is Runebound. This is actually comming from an Amazon seller based in New York. I placed the order about 3 weeks ago and its not here yet. Not ideal but they did give a 4-6 week shipping window. They must be waiting for someone to try to beat the rowing across the atlantic record and just chuck it in the boat with a few cans of red bull.
Anyway Runebound looks like a good fantasy game, a bit like Talismans older brother and the amount of expansions makes your head swim and your wallet run to the hills.

Next is Kingsburg I have a feeeling this may be a nomination for the Speil des Jahres this year. Its a dice rolling game that looks pretty interesting. The Spiel guys reviewed it recently and it sound like a fun game.

Shadows over Camelot is next, a co-op game based around Arthur and his round table. This one gets allot of love from Tom and Sam on the dice tower. I like the idea of it and I think my group would enjoy it as well. So it was added to the virtual basket.

Now come two smaller filler games. The first is Zombie Flux, this is popular with Steerpike the kitchen boy so I thought it would e worth giving it a look. To be honest I don't know that much about it other than the game mutates as cards are played. Sounds like fun.
Lastly comes Pickomino, a dice rolling game that is allot of fun. Played it a few times now and not won any games, but I like it and I think the kids will. Lots of dice rilling to see who will end up with the most worms.

Now I have to wait for Roly Mo to return from his business trip laden with boxes........


Steerpike said...

given that I recommended "Titus Groan" and you hated it, and then the "Little Man Tate" album and you hated that, I am surprised that you are picking up Zombie Fluxx on my word !

Count Zero said...

Yeah, come to think about it I am going to cancel the order now ;-)