Sunday, February 17, 2008

Power Grid

Allot of games have hit the table since my last post, so I need to increase my blogging, but we played Power Grid last Friday night at the monthly gathering of P.O.B. (Portsmouth on Board).

It was a funny night, only 6 of us turned up for varying reasons and all the big games we had were for a maximim of 5 players. Ed quickly popped home to grab his favorite, Power Grid.
Only one of us had not played it before so after a quick reap of the rules we started to buy our plants and power up Germany.

The game started of slowly with us all taking time to expand our power grids and power up Germany, but as soon as phase 2 was reached Ed the human calculator when't into a build frenzy and hit the 15 city limit. His power plants could only power 12 cities, but that was still more than the rest of us could manage. So a game was won with a well played manouver.

A few other games hit the table before time was called but nothing as big as Power Grid. If you haven't played it before I really recommend it.


Steerpike said...

Is Boston a city in Germany then ?

Water Lion said...

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