Monday, May 7, 2007

Incan Gold Session

Incan Gold


Players: Me, Rob, Alan, Frank

Decided to start teh evenings games with something light and Incan Gold was opened. This was the first time that anyone of us have played it and it played really nice.
The rules were explained very quickly and the first game started.

Cave 1 went on for a bit and one by one all the others bailed taking home there treasure. I pushed my luck one more time and hit big. A 17 treasure card, that was enough for me so I also left the cave.

The rest of the caves either ended with a double danger card or us bailing at around the time. I won the game purely on the extra treasure one in the first game.

AS it was a quick game we decided to play again which is a rare for our group. We tend to play one game then another not the same game multiple times.

Now that the guys had the rules sussed this one was a bit tougher. Idols started appearing and we were trying to push on into the cave, but also try and be the only one to leave the cave to get the idol. Other than a double snake cave the rest of the game played well. The game was to teh wire on the last cave, I knew Frank was in the lead so after the others had bailed I had to keep pushing on to try and get enough treaure. My greed was my down fall and a Zombie saw the end of my run.

Frank left the cave with a sackful of treasure to win the game. All players agreed it was a good game, nice and light but has the scope to be allot of fun.

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