Monday, April 30, 2007

Heroscape - First Play

Players : Countzero, Rob

Played my first game of heroscape last night after bagging it in an Argos bargin hunt. Initial impressions were good, opened up the box to find lots of pieces, and I mean lots of pieces. Read the rules before hand so knew what to expect.

Game time arrived and after opening up a beer we set to work building the map for the first scenario. This took a little bit of time as we got a little confussed with the water tiles. Once everything was put together it was bigger than I exxpected and did look impressive.

As we were playing the first scenario the armies were pre-prepared and I went with the "evil" guys which included the rather large dinosaur riding orc. Aquick recap of the rules and we started play.
The rounds played well, very simple even though we were using the master rules set. My samurai stormed into combat only to be picked off one by one by the vikings with there defense buffs of the winged figure (Sorry I can't remember there names). Slowly my guys were dying while my heroes were running in to support them.

By round 3 I only had 2 figures left and Rob was still on his full compliment. The dinosaur made short work of the viking hero character eating him with his chomp attack, but numbers were against him and he fell in the next round. Meanwhile my last heroe was franticly trying to mind controll some vikings in an attempt to improve the odds but to no avail. He faught on for another round but the numbers were against him and he too fell to the viking horde.

After the game we had a chat about it and both aggreed it was a good game, it made a change from our typical euro fare but seemed to be a little too easy/simple. I know that other scenarios bring in ranged combat and a few extra powers but i'm not sure if thats enough.

Maybe I need something more avancedand i'm not appreiating that Heroscape is aged at a younger audience.
Still, happy that I played it, and even happier that it only cost me £15 rather than £40.

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